The Darou Gostar Razi family has worked tirelessly since 1996 with the cooperation of its talented and dedicated specialists, to earn it's sterling reputation in the Iranian drug distribution arena. Our talented executives and specialists utilize the world's most cutting edge science and technologies; and together we strive to become the single most dominant force in the Iranian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution Sector. In order to achieve our objectives, Darou Gostar Razi will expand its activities and efforts in the following segments:

Acquisition and strategic investment opportunities in dynamic and agile companies

Increasing profits and shareholder value and employee benefits in order to maximize efficiency and obtaining superior results

Augmenting the scientific base of pharmacology in Iran  and driving innovation

Meeting domestic demand for a cross section of pharmaceutical products and incrementally growing exports to the international market

To continue to set the best example for the industry, in eco-friendly manufacturing practices with the aim of protecting the environment and public health

Supporting the implementation and expansion of governmental policies for domestic manufacturing, and playing a constructive role in job creation and increasing the national wealth and gross domestic product (GDP)