Darou Gostar Razi Company obtained a pharmaceutical distribution license from the Iranian Ministry of Health in 1996 and commenced operations, with the aim of meeting the product demands of pharmacies in the Iranian market. With an impeccable performance track record, Darou Gostar Razi is now regarded as the leading pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement distributor in the Iranian market, continuing to proudly serve the consumer

The activities and capabilities of Darou Gostar Razi are listed below

State of the art warehousing and inventory management system:  Darou Gostar Razi has implemented the most up to date international standards for warehousing under GSP guidelines. Our commitment to international standards and protocols, ensure that our products are kept in the most ideal environment for best possible preservation

Manufacturing lot numbers and expiration dates are closely monitored in the warehousing and inventory management system. This just in time system ensures that there is minimal waste and maximum efficiency in distributing products to the point of sale. These key pieces of information are provided to the customer on their invoice and bill of sale

All warehousing personnel have been carefully selected and undergo a full educational and training curriculum, regarding warehousing, inventory management and other essential training for successful operations

Climate control is conducted by the most advanced systems available today. These systems have multiple redundancies, which ensure that products are kept in a safe environment even during times of emergency. The computerized climate control system keeps track of all facilities and makes regular reports to company headquarters for monitoring and evaluation

Product Distribution

Darou Gostar Razi Co, possessing a young, educated and capable workforce, has made noteworthy efforts and progress in expanding distribution to pharmacies nationwide. The backbone of our distribution system is the skilled pharmacy visitor teams that cover most pharmacies in all of Iran

Purchase orders are submitted weekly (4 times per month) in person and order processing, shipment and deliver take place within 24 hours of placing the order.  We utilize the most advanced software and hardware technologies in our order processing and product distribution system. Darou Gostar Razi currently holds and distributes 60 brands via its network, and we work closely with each of our partners in order to understand the supply and demand dynamics for each particular brand and product, so that there are no gaps in the supply chain at any given point

For our distribution efforts, we utilize the GDP system which is constantly monitored and implemented by advanced machines that poses monitoring capabilities of the dual layer climate controlled containers

Consumer satisfaction is a key priority for the executive team and the entire workforce of Darou Gostar Razi and providing timely and required services for the consumer and customer are considered essential parts of our company's mission.  Our ultimate goal is to further the health and wellness of Iranian society and to provide the necessary services in achieving that goal